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City of Mullens Foundation brings new shine to recreational areas

MULLENS, W.Va. (WVVA) They’re the playgrounds and basketball courts where friends are made, character is built, and champions are born.

The courts in the city of Mullens were once the playgrounds of some of the biggest names in basketball, including NBA Houston Rockets Coach Mike D’Antoni and Marshall University Coach Dan D’Antoni.

Now, thanks to the D’Antoni family and numerous other community donors, the courts are shining a little brighter these days. The City of Mullens Foundation Inc. recently finished several upgrades to the community’s recreational areas, including resurfacing the basketball courts, painting playground equipment, building a new shelter, and putting in new fencing.

“It’s great. You think about when you were younger and how you played on the playground and how these kids will have even better opportunities,” said Barry Smith, Pres. of the City of Mullens Foundation.

Through investing in  recreational opportunities and the completion of the Coalfields Expressway — the hope, according to Smith, is to encourage a new generation of families and kids with dreams of making it big.

“It’s heartwarming to see people support their community like this. I hope other communities will do the same thing for their students.”

The foundation also helped to re-open the community pool and hopes to open a baby pool and splash pad sometime soon.

Annie Moore

Multimedia Journalist

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