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Attorney calls for independent investigation in Virginia Beach mass shooting

(NBC NEWS)The family of one of the 12 people killed in the Virginia Beach mass shooting is calling for an independent investigation.

The family attorney of Kate Nixon, a victim of the mass shooting, says he wants an independent investigation to supplement the FBI criminal investigation.

“They didn’t know where Kate’s body was and didn’t find out where her body was until 24 hours after she was shot and killed,” said attorney Kevin Martingayle.

“We have called for an independent investigation to have a comprehensive study to study everything that led to the shooting and everything that occurred during the shooting and everything that happened after the shooting particularly focused on the communication and efforts in the breakdown in communication,” said Martingayle.

Martingayle, who is a longtime family friend, is taking no money and doesn’t expect a lawsuit in the end. But what he says he wants is clarity, comfort, closure for Jason Nixon and his family.

“We know there were some employment concerns and issues that Kate relayed to her husband in a general way. She didn’t’ think he was a very good Engineer that he had some performance and attitude problems, but she never got terribly specific.”

Jason Nixon advised Kate to take a gun to work because she feared another employee who was in the process of being fired but turned out to not be the actual shooter.

“She was shot shortly after 4:00 pm. She called her husband at 4:06 p.m. Friday. She said she had been shot, call 911. He did that immediately, called her back and couldn’t reach her again.”

The city’s narrative is the shooter was not being fired, had not been disciplined, and performed satisfactorily, but the morning of the shooting offered his resignation to leave June 14.

“If it turns out that any part of the narrative is misleading or false there should be severe consequences for a anybody participating in a false narrative,” said Martingayle.

NBC News

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