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Mercer County B.O.E. gives Akers ‘high marks’

MERCER COUNTY (WVVA) — The Mercer County Board of Education (B.O.E.) gave Superintendent Deborah Akers high marks Thursday in its annual state-ordered Superintendent Evaluation.

In a press release, the B.O.E. commends Akers for her devotion, noting she has led Mercer County Schools for 26 years — the longest of any current superintendent in West Virginia.

It recognized her ability to maintain essential programs and facilities despite “ever-increasing costs,” and a limited budget, while keeping Mercer County Schools financially successful.

“Dr. Akers focuses on communicating with and maintaining positive relationships with our employees, students, and the community,” the evaluation states, “Our employees are without doubt the most crucial element in our success and, accordingly, Dr. Akers makes a special effort to provide all the materials, training, and support needed for their success.”

The vote of confidence comes less than six weeks after lawsuits were filed relating to claims of misconduct and abuse at a Mercer County school. Read that report here.

Both Akers and the B.O.E. are among defendants in the lawsuits.

WVVA Staff

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