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Board of Education announces 2019 Exemplar Performance school awards

Richmond, VA (WVVA) – the board of education announced their 2019 Exemplar Performance school awards.

The board is recognizing 235 schools for high student achievement or continuous improvement under the boards new exemplar performance school recognition program.

The recognized schools include 52 schools that earned the Board of Education Highest Achievement Award and 183 schools that earned the Board of Education Continuous Improvement Award.

Among the schools earning the Highest Achievement award is a Wythe County school, Rural Retreat Elementary. Two Giles County schools are among the 183 schools earning the Board of Education Continuous Improvement Award  county. The first school being Giles High and the second being Narrows High.

“The exemplar performance awards criteria are designed to complement the commonwealth’s recently revised accreditation standards and help school divisions focus resources where they are most needed to ensure that all children are receiving a high-quality education,” Board of Education President Daniel A. Gecker said. “The awards recognize schools that are exceeding state accreditation standards and schools that are making continuous improvement in improving outcomes for students and in narrowing achievement gaps.”

Megan Brandl

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