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Beckley Arts Center ‘Members Exhibition Gallery’ up for summer

(RALEIGH COUNTY) Beckley Arts Center hosted their “Members Exhibition Gallery’ closing showcase over the weekend. The exhibit featured an open theme of art pieces created by talented artist within the Beckley area.

Artist Robby Moore said that he hoped the exhibit will help continue to raise efforts of the arts and increase interest for more people within the community to take their skills to the next level.

“We just have so many talented people in this area, with all level of experience. Everything from professional artist to people who just doing it as a hobby or a stress reliever. Art centers like this, like Beckley Art Center and just having a place where artist can come and feel welcome and talk to each other and have a place where they can show their work, I think it’s very important,” Robby Moore, Co-Chair of the Exhibitions Committee said.

The exhibition will be on display until July 12th.


Star Connor

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