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Fair Housing workshop looking to increase environments for people with disabilities

(RALEIGH COUNTY) The Beckley Human Rights Commission hosted its annual fair housing workshop today at the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center.

The workshop was held to educate the public on fair housing issues in Beckley and surrounding communities. The workshop focused on areas including sexual harassment in housing; Raleigh County housing programs, accessible housing, city of Beckley nondiscrimination ordinance housing updates and more. One main topic the city of Beckley is trying to work on is having more environments for people with disabilities.

“We want to enlighten and educate the community about accessibility issues when it comes to fair housing. Is this something that a chair user can move through has this building been making ADA compliance? So that’s what I’m always looking for to make sure that it is accessible for all,” Kelly Elkin, Co-Chair of the Beckley Human Rights Commission said.

For more information contact:

(304) 256-1768

Star Connor

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