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Community mourns Cline, daughter, and friends during vigil

(RALEIGH COUNTY) Coal mine billionaire, and West Virginia native, Chris Cline, his daughter and 5 others lost their lives during the Fourth of July in the Bahamas in a helicopter crash. Cline was celebrating his 61st birthday.

Thursday night the community of Beckley honored their beloved family members and friends. Cline was a generous donor, and gave back to his community.

“He never forgot about Southern West Virginia. This is where he grew up, this is where he was raised in the coal fields, and it was important to him,” Speaker, and organizer of the vigil, Richard Jarrell said.

One of the victims that also died in the crash was Kameron Cline’s friend, Delaney Wykle.

“She always knew the right things to say at the right time.” Brent Osborne said.

He also quoted a scripture that Wykle used for tough situations.

“Learn to appreciate difficult days, be stimulated by the challenges that you encounter along the way. As you journey through rough terrain with me gain confidence of your knowledge together we can handle anything. Look back on your life and see how I’ve helped you through your difficult days,” he read.

Wykle didn’t just love her friends, her two dogs, but also her boyfriend, Tristan. Wykle died doing her passion. She was treating Cline’s daughter, Kameron after she had fallen ill.

“She had passed her nursing boards just recently and accepted her first position as an ER Nurse at Raleigh General Hospital, and I know her family and friends couldn’t be more proud of her,” Danielle Ormandy said.

Kameron’s mother, Kelli Fama also wrote a letter about her daughter.

“There are no words that can describe what a beautiful daughter we were blessed with. But I’ve learned so far the only thing that can make sense of this devastating tragedy is that God has a better life planned for both of them and greater things for those she left behind. It seems impossible to understand now. But if we can hold on to that, if we truly can, we will heal,” Jody Cook said on behalf of Mrs. Fama.



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