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Vietnam Memorial dedicated to fallen, former Matoaka High School students

LASHMEET, WV (WVVA) A special ceremony was held in Lashmeet on Saturday to honor five men from Matoaka High that died in action in the Vietnam War.

A Vietnam Veterans Memorial Monument was erected at the Lashmeet Baptist Church.

According to Stephen Holt, “There used to be a monument at Matoaka H.S. and the school was torn down and the monument was lost in the process. So, we decided — some of the local veterans organizations decided they wanted to replace that. We were able to get private donations to get this replaced and rebuilt here at the church.”

Saturday, family and loved ones gathered to pay tribute to the five in a dedication ceremony.

The church was chosen for the monument for several reasons. One being that commuters passing through on Matoaka Rd. will look over and see the monument every day.

Rachel Anderson

Multimedia Journalist

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