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Oak Hill native introduces new drink ‘Coladka’

An Oak Hill native, whose had success with award winning craft and whiskey bars in Charlotte, has come home to introduce his latest creation.

Drew Schenck brought his new product, Coladka, to a party at Cantrell Unlimited Rafting. Schenk says it’s a cola flavored vodka that uses all natural ingredients and is even gluten-free. He added that you can drink it a variety of ways and says it’s quite tasty however you choose to consume it, especially cold.

“You can sip it, it’s great over ice with soda water, over ice with an energy drink. It’s really good. We are drinking one in here called ‘The Ricki.’ It’s with lime juice and soda water. It’s wonderful,” said Schenck.

To find out where you can buy a bottle of Coladka, go to

Melinda Zosh

Evening Anchor

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