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Brandon Lawson

After growing up in the home of racing Concord, NC, Brandon has moved north to join the WVVA team.

Brandon’s original passion was to become a race car driver and eventually get into the sport of NASCAR, in which he was trying to pursue the career of his first sports idle Jeff Gordon. However, he decided that racing was far to expensive for him. That is when he fell in love with the science of meteorology at the age of five years old. He grew up watching the likes of Meteorologist Eric Thomas and Meteorologist Brad Panovich, which are two chief meteorologist of respective Charlotte news stations. He loves watching time lapses, working in the church with cameras, and also enjoys looking at thunderstorms.

Brandon was able to intern with WBTV in Charlotte, where helped Brandon learn the inside and outs of the newsroom. He was able to watch severe weather situations that will later help him when he encounters severe weather. Brandon went to college at UNC Charlotte, which is where he was able to accomplish his goal of a B.S in Meteorology. During his college career, Brandon was a part of the UNCC meteorology broadcasting team, which later allowed him to have his videos make the UNCC TV network.

On Brandon’s days off, he enjoys being at the basketball court and absolutely loves racing online and going to several NASCAR races. He is a fan of really every sport, from football, basketball, racing, etc.

Brandon hopes to learn more about the two Virginia’s during his time here and is extremely enthusiastic and eager to be welcomed into your homes.



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