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2019 Camp Tour: Princeton Tigers

In 2018, Princeton finished with a record of 1-9 for a second-straight season. But, head coach Chris Pedigo won’t let a record define his team.

“1-9 I don’t think really depicts the adversity that our kids faced last year,” he said. “I thought our kids fought hard.”

“Well, I mean we went 1-9, but we’ve done a lot of great things,” added senior quarterback Ranson Graham. “We put points up on the board, we threw the rock around a lot, we got a lot of completions and a lot of yards off of it. I thought we had a pretty good year, but we just couldn’t come out with the win.”

The one win the Tigers did get last season came against Brooke — in the final game of the year.

“We could have very easily folded in the fourth quarter when we were down 14 and we turned around and finished,” Pedigo said. “That was a great carryover in the offseason and something I think we can build off of.”

Build is exactly what this program is looking to do in 2019. Their motto — Raise the standard, brick by brick.

“You know, on the back of our jerseys this year it says raise the standard and we have it for a reason. We want to raise the expectations of this program as we move forward,” Pedigo insisted.

That phrase has certainly resonated with the team.

“To do better, give more and do our best,” said senior wide receiver A.J. Jenkins.

“It means we’ve got higher expectations,” Graham said. “We’ll have a bigger year and we’re supposed to have high expectations.”

Princeton has a bye in the first week of the season, but will return to the field on September 6 against Bluefield.

Nick Dugan

Sports Director

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