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A happy ending for O’Toole

O’TOOLE, WV (WVVA) A story we have covered from start to finish, O’Toole now has clean, reliable, running water in their homes.

We first brought you their story in February, 2019. If one person in the community failed to pay their water bill, the water would be turned off for everyone in the community.

When it was on, it was dirty and smelly. The community didn’t know where to turn for help.

A few months later, Keeper of the Mountains Foundation got involved. The non-profit needed to raise $7,100 to get every home access to clean water through McDowell County PSD. They exceeded that goal.

Now, in partnership with several other organizations, including C I Thornburg, every resident of O’Toole will be connected to PSD.

On Wednesday, a team arrived in O’Toole and got to work digging and installing water lines from the PSD meters. By Thursday evening, the remaining 11 houses in the community will be up and running with clean water.

“To be able to take a shower.. ahh.. it’s going to be heaven,” said Janet Long, whose pipes were in the process of being installed.

Colton Hatfield with C I Thornburg, was one of the workers installing the systems. He said, “It’s been awesome… We live four hours from here, but we’re all neighbors in my opinion. I think that as a state, we need to help each other to stay on a progressive path and it’s important that we all work together to accomplish that goal.”

Tomorrow, the water will be on. It’s a certainty that O’Toole will finally get to share.

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