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Herb Sims Youth Recreation Center, to remain polling location for voters

(WVVA) Concerns materialized after the City of Bluefield  finalized a deal to lease the Herb Sims Youth Recreation Center to Bluefield College.

Residents wanted to know if the center would remain a polling location for citizens, with early voting starting in October.

WVVA has confirmed with Verlin Moye, County Clerk for Mercer County, the Herb Sims Center will remain a polling location for early voting and the General Elections in 2020.

Delores French, a longtime volunteer during election season at the Herb Sims Center, previously expressed concerns to the Board of Directors on July 23, about the polling location being changed to a church in Bluefield.

Within a Day, French says she received a phone call from the President of Bluefield College, David Olive, wanting to know how he could help with keeping the center a polling location for residents.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said French. “He called me and was very humble about it.”

Olive connected with the County Clerk’s Office and had a meeting with Moye on July 31, resulting in an arrangement to keep the polling location ongoing at the Herb Sims Center.

“I’m very thankful to know it’s been worked out,” said French. “I’m sure the people that vote at the center are appreciative they can continue to vote at that location.”

Early voting in Mercer County begins on October 18.

Bluefield College will lease the Herb Sims Center for 10 years and is taking over the Youth Basketball League Program.


Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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