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First day of band camp for the ‘Ram Band’

BLUEFIELD COLLEGE, Va, (WVVA) There’s a new band in town and you’ll find them at Bluefield College.

‘The Bluefield College Ram Band’ is the first marching band at the institution and today was their first day of band camp.

For three days, students specializing in musical instruments will be preparing to perform for football games, which includes practicing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ and making a tunnel for the football team to run through.

“There’s always been a music department at Bluefield College,” said Dr. Andrew Necessary, Director of Athletic Bands for Bluefield College. “We wanted to start a marching band not only for the football games but to also perform for other community events.”

Meghan Woody is the first drum major for the marching band at the college.

“I get to do what I did in high school and I’m excited to get into the swing of things here,” said Woody.

Dr. Necessary says they’re still looking for additional students to join the marching band including musicians and color guards.

You can contact Dr. Necessary via email at or his cell phone at (276) 202-7436.

Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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