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National study rank West Virginia 18th and Virginia 45th in kids online safety

Nearly half of all school-aged children report being bullied at least once during the school year—and for those with access to the internet and social media, that risk increases substantially.

Are West Virginia students safe from online risks? West Virginia ranked #18 out of 50 states for online safety.

Every state has different laws, policies, and practices to protect kids from online dangers. The team at investigated to see which American states are safest—and which are most dangerous—for kids online.

See the full national report and each state’s ranking here:

Highlights from the national report include:
• Louisiana is the best state for kids to be online. It was in the top five for fewest internet crime victims per 100,000 kids and for the number of cyberbullying/sexting laws; it was also in the top 10 states for lowest malware infection rate.
• Mississippi had the lowest internet crime victim rate, with only 5.14 for every 100,000 kids under the age of 20.
• Florida was the only state that had all 12 of the points we looked for in cyberbullying and sexting laws. Montana only had two, the least of all the states.
• Collectively across all state reports, there were a reported 7,893 victims of internet crime under the age of 20.

Three different metrics were used to determine which state is safest for kids online:
• Internet Crime Rates (40% of final score): per capita internet crime victim rates for the 0-19 age group. Taken from the IC3 2018 state report.
• Cyberbullying and Sexting Laws (40% of final score): presence of 12 different aspects of cyberbullying and sexting laws. Half points were given for laws that have been proposed but not yet passed. Taken from
• Malware Infection Rate (20% of final score): malware infection rate for the first half of 2018. Taken from a report done by Enigma Software.

Ben Mitchell

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