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Cell phone pics, uniting parents with lost kids at fair

W.Va. (WVVA) Families across the state are attending the annual State Fair of West Virginia and police are urging parents to take a pic of their kids before entering the fairgrounds.

“Several times a day, a parent gets separated from their child at the fair,” said Sergeant H.F. Blevins, West Virginia State Police.”The parents turn around and their child is gone.”

Blevins says taking one picture of your child while entering the fair helps police track them down, quickly.

“Stand back, take a full body picture of what the child is wearing,” said Blevins. “That picture helps law enforcement find your child.”

Pamela Fields recalls when she was separated from her youngest son at Sea World.

“Scary,” said Fields. “But the police found him right away by looking at pictures, seeing what he looked like.”

Jennifer Gunter learned about the photo idea at the ticket booth.

“There’s an actual poster of it saying take a picture of your child,” said Gunter.

Sergeant Blevins urges parents to have an organized plan with your child before entering the fair, including a time and meeting place throughout the day and an exact time for leaving the fair.

Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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