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Advocating for education, first day of class

BLUEFIELD, Va. (WVVA) Classes are back in session at Bluefield College and the education department is continuing their mission of recruiting future educators for the state.

During the first day of classes for elementary education majors, Dean for School of Education Thomas Brewster focused on teaching students how to advocate for a positive and efficient work environment for kids.

“We have a major shortage of teachers in the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Brewster. “At Bluefield College, we consider it so important to help fill those shortages by putting good teachers back into the classrooms, particularly in local counties that have severe shortages.”

Brewster asked students what needed to be changed to make the classroom more suitable for kids.

The students wanted to change the seating and table arrangements, making it more flexible for learning in the classroom.

The education students changed the location of the tables and chairs, thus learning how to make immediate adjustments that better support their kids.

For more information about the School of Education, contact Brewster on the Bluefield College website.



Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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