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Ojeda claims VA damaged his West Virginia Congressional bid

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) — Former Army Maj. Richard Ojeda says his West Virginia congressional campaign was derailed by a Department of Veterans Affairs employee who is charged with leaking medical records.

The former Democratic state senator and one-time presidential hopeful filed suit against the VA on Thursday.

Federal prosecutors have accused Miller of unlawfully accessing and sharing the medical records of an unidentified public figure.

Ojeda says he is that public figure and that his records were distributed among high-ranking Republicans in a bid to hurt his 2018 race against current-Rep. Carol Miller.

He’s seeking documents relating to the agency’s investigation of former claims assistant Jeffery S. Miller, unrelated to Congresswoman Miller.

A spokeswoman for the congresswoman says the congresswoman has never seen the medical records and knew nothing about the matter.

Ben Mitchell

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