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Cooler temperatures tonight; another fall like day for your Sunday

Temperatures were well below average Saturday. Some areas didn’t even get out of the 60s across the viewing area. High temperatures hovered around the mid to upper 60s, some lower 70s across the western slopes.

We have what is called a “wedge” over our region right now. This happens when we have high pressure directly north or northeast of us. High pressure to our north is bringing in easterly winds, and those easterly winds are running into the Appalachian mountains and getting trapped. When those easterly winds run into the mountains they get trapped, and want to ride up the mountain slope. However, cold air is very dense, and can’t ride over the mountain like warm air can. So cold air gets trapped near the surface, and spreads out across the eastern slopes. While the western slopes remain warmer.

Tonight, expect cooler conditions, with temperatures around the upper 50s and lower 60s. We could see some patchy fog in some spots as well, and with a stationary boundary just to our south, we could also see some lighter rain in some of our southern counties in the morning.

Tomorrow, we will continue to see this wedge pattern, this means temperatures will hover around the upper 60s to lower 70s again across the eastern slopes. Depending on how much cloud cover we see, high temperatures could be higher and or lower based on that. Again, it will be a cooler and quite breezy day, so have that lighter coat or jacket on standby for tomorrow.

As we get closer to Monday, the wedge will begin to erode away, which will allow us to start seeing more clearer conditions. We will also warm up temperatures as we go throughout the week this week, eventually getting back into the lower 80s.

On Tuesday our next front will approach bringing higher rain chances for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have an excellent Sunday everyone and turn off that A/C tonight if you can!

Brandon Lawson

Weekend Meteorologist

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