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Walking for a Reason: David ‘Bugs’ Stover’s Journey to Charleston

Beckley, W. Va – He’s the man who walked to the end of the road and then just kept going, walking all the way from Welch to Charleston, but this man had a reason.

He wanted to meet the Governor and make sure the Coalfields Expressway will keep on going.

Last week, at 64, David ‘Bugs’ Stover set out on foot. His mission? To walk all the way to Charleston.

“(My) foot is sore. I’m a little tired. but once I start walking I loosen up. It’s coming well,” said Stover.

His goal was to meet Gov. Jim Justice and secure a commitment on the next legs of the Coalfields Expressway to Pineville and Welch. As his story picked up steam, so did the people who came out to greet him.

“People went out of their way to bring me food, drinks, wanting to know if i wanted shoes…all the way…it was amazing,” said Stover.

On day three, it was so hot he thought he might not make it. Stover’s had four bypass surgeries on his heart.

“I will not embarrass myself and the people from my hometown by failing. I thought I can’t do it, but I might, but then I got okay,” said Stover.

It was his heart that kept him going.

“These roads are going to be a godsend to us. We don’t want them built. We need them built,” said Stover.

On Monday, he met Gov. Justice and a team of highway engineers.

“I looked at those men, including the Governor, and I have no personal doubt,” said Stover.

They’re a team who he believes is committed to making it happen.

According to Stover, Gov. Justice’s highway team plans to start work on environmental studies regarding the next leg to Pineville in the spring.

Melinda Zosh

Evening Anchor

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