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‘BAD’ buildings meeting to be held Tuesday in Hinton

HINTON, WV (WVVA) Old abandoned buildings can be eye sores to community residents and tourists. In Hinton, city leaders are working to fix this problem. Over the summer, a survey was published on Facebook to learn more from Hinton and area residents about what they believe should be fixed.

City Manager Cris Meadows says the number one response to the survey involved the dilapidated structures. “Everybody is tired of seeing the dilapidated buildings,” says Meadows. He says these buildings effect the whole neighborhood.

On Tuesday, September 24, the city is hosting a ‘BAD’ buildings meeting to discuss how to fix this issue. The meeting is to advise the community on the plan being formed, and learn about the property.

Meadows says the community could help learn who owns what property and if there’s a way to work the owners, if there are current owners.

Now, Meadows says this would be at least a five year plan due to the amount of buildings in town. He says the police department is also partaking in this, due to their several community clean up initiatives. Chief Nathan Allen says a lot of the problems they face right now, come from the access to the dilapidated structures.

“The buildings that are totally dilapidated need to be gone,” says Allen. He says there needs to be an authority figure in place, however, to keep up the buildings that are still livable.

The meeting is set to start at 5:30 at City Hall.

Ashley Smith

Multimedia Journalist

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