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BREAKING: Drug Task Force targeting 54 people, covering 190 warrants across Mercer County

UPDATE: Sergeant Faris confirms, Cathryn Natividad was arrested in Fayette County this evening.

MERCER COUNTY, W.Va. (WVVA) The Southern Regional Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force is targeting 54 people, covering 190 felony warrants across Mercer County.

So far, 25 people with felony warrants have been incarcerated.

“These people were selling large amounts of narcotics throughout the last several months,” said Justin Faris, Detective/Sergeant with the Princeton Police Department and former detective with the Southern Regional Drug and Violent Crime Task Force.”

The Task Force consists of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, The Princeton Police Department, The Bluefield Police Department, The West Virginia State Police, The McDowell County Sheriff’s Department and the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department.

Faris says the agencies have been working together for years to put a stop to crimes across the region, stating the purpose of the roundup is to send a message to anyone selling drugs, if you do the crime, you’ll more than likely, do the time.

“We may not always be seen but we are always watching,” said Faris. “If you keep doing this line of work, there’s going to be a price to pay eventually and we are that price.”

The Task Force started making arrests around 7:00 a.m., and are continuing to work together to locate those with outstanding warrants.

The police have released a list of names and the areas they’re believed to be located. If you have any information about the whereabouts of any of the people below, contact the local police agency in that area, immediately.

  • Thomas Allen Sheppheard-Matoaka
  • Eddie Arnold Bennett Jr.- Lashmeet/Matoaka
  • Scotty Ray Inscore- Princeton
  • Darius Antonio Johnson- Green Valley
  • Paul ‘PJ’  Edwin Hoston Jr.- Princeton
  • Michael Lynn White- Princeton
  • Scotty Edward Blankenship-Princeton
  • Heather Dawn Goff-Princeton
  • Ashley Leanne Hylton-Charleston
  • Timothy Lee Phillips-Lashmeet
  • David Michael Earnest- Princeton
  • Brittany Nicole Hensley- Montcalm
  • Brandi Leigh Browning-North Carolina area
  • Randy Christopher Lambert-Princeton
  • Alec Chatman-Princeton
  • Andrew Thomas Janes- Princeton
  • James Keith Joyner-Bluefield area
  • Kristy Junelle Rayner- Green Valley
  • Landan Tyree Jones-Bluefield area
  • Brandon Dudleson-McDowell County/Princeton
  • Earl Inscore Jr.- Princeton
  • Gary Sanders- Princeton
  • Jeremy Loffer- Princeton
  • Josh Phillips- Bluefield/Princeton area
  • Shannon Wyatt- Bramwell
  • Reginald McEachen-Princeton
  • Bradley George-Princeton
  • Christel Landis-Princeton
  • Mindy Dillow-Princeton

Bailey Pace

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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