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Boat security reveals how to keep jumpers safe on the Gorge during Bridge Day

FAYETTE COUNTY, W.Va. (WVVA) – This weekend marked the Ruby Anniversary of Fayette County’s 40th Annual Bridge Day.

Thousands of onlookers watched skydivers launch themselves from the bridge falling 876 feet to the bottom of the Gorge.

WVVA spoke with boat security to see what it takes to make sure jumpers land safely.

“What I do for the first half of the day is work from the top of the bridge and I work on the medical side of things and park service which is kind of like law enforcement. What we try to do is incorporate all of the pieces if we have to take part in a rescue and make it so we don’t have jumpers coming down in a bad situation. We do have jumpers coming off as soon as possible so we can get them down during their times to jump,” Boat Security, Travis Cobb said.

Planning for 2020’s Bridge Day will began this week.

Star Connor

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