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Beckley ARH Hospital adds new advancements to save patients suffering heart attacks

(RALEIGH COUNTY) The Beckley ARH Hospital hosted a community open house Monday. The event celebrated the remodeling of the lobby area and the advancement the cardiac catheterization lab.

New equipment, new chairs, and a new registration area were just a few things the hospital received thanks to fundraising by employees, medical staff, and the community.

Although the cath lab has been around since 2015, the new advancements will allow more lives to be saved in Raleigh County.

“If someone is having a heart attack, we call it the ‘golden hour.’ So that’s not 1 hour after the patient comes to the ER that’s 1 hour from when the patient starts having chest pains. If they show up 45 minutes, or 50 minutes after having chest pains you’ve got 10 minutes before you lose that hour. So it’s essential to get that patient in and open up that artery,” Director of Cardiology, Lou Vadlamani, MD FSCAI said.

“Timely treatments for a heart attack is critical. By having this designation, we’re adding a second primary PCI site into Raleigh County. That’s a big deal to have a second site now because people can come into the ER and not know they’re having a heart attack and then you find that they are. By having this program we no longer have to transfer them out they can roll right from the er into the catheterization table and have a good outcome even if they’re having a heart attack,” Community CEO, Rocco K. Massey said.

Both the lobby and the cath lab were upgraded just in time for the 64th anniversary of Beckley ARH Hospital.

Star Connor

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