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Raleigh County woman arrested for Arson

PINEY VIEW, W.Va. (WVVA) A Raleigh County woman was arrested on Wednesday after deputies said she set her family’s house on fire.

Jessica Dawn Fry was charged with Arson and Domestic Assault.

According to the complaint, Fry got into an argument with her mother, father, and brother, and told them she would kill them in their sleep. The family saw Fry go into her bedroom and leave the house with smoke coming out of the room.

Deputies found Fry walking on Stonewall Road. The complaint said Fry confessed to getting into an argument and setting her room’s window seal on fire. She was quoted by deputies as saying “she debated burning the whole house down, but didn’t think it would be worth going to jail.”

Fry is being held in Southern Regional Jail (SRJ).

The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Dept. handled the investigation.

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Annie Moore

Multimedia Journalist

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