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UPDATE: The Intuit/Alorica Effect, Bluefield

BLUEFIELD, W.Va. (WVVA)- The Intuit/Alorcia wave is hitting the region and business owners are hoping to capitalize on it.

The City of Bluefield’s Community and Economic Development Department hosted ‘The Intuit/Alorica Effect’ event, teaching local business owners and entrepreneurs how to take advantage of having Intuit and Alorica in the area.

The event was led Diane Lupke, President of Diane Lupke & Associates, Inc.

Lupke says a key ingredient for business owners seeking long-term success like Intuit and Alorica is having a true passion for their craft.

“People who really have passion are the one’s that I know will be successful,” said Lupke. “You can teach people [business] tools and how to manage their money, but you can’t teach passion.”

Lupke says spending dollars locally helps to keep businesses up and running, thus keeping funds in the city, supporting a growing economy.

The Intuit/Alorica Effect event was held at the Bluefield Arts Center.

An invitation for business owners, The Intuit/Alorica Effect event


Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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