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West Virginians plan trip to Canada for affordable insulin

BECKLEY, W. Va. (WVVA) – West Virginia Legislators held a press conference at Beckley City Hall this afternoon to discuss issues with the cost of insulin.

Legislators, along with West Virginia families, are planning an insulin caravan to Canada. The bipartisan bus trip will go to Niagara Falls where people can purchase less expensive insulin.

The press conference included statements from those harmed by the insulin affordability crisis as well as a physician who discussed dangers of rationing insulin. A woman who is a type 1 diabetic said there has been times where she skipped out on bills in order to survive.

“Everyday people are dying because of this insulin rationing. Men, women, parents of type 1 kids, we’ll do whatever to survive. If that means skipping a bill payment, a mortgage payment, we do what we have to survive. Cara-vanning to Canada to get insulin. It’s a shame we have to leave our country to go get insulin that we can afford. Something needs to be done now and I’m just asking all of the Legislators to put this through and talk about getting these copay’s capped where we don’t have to pay so much and can afford insulin,” Robin Reck said.

The caravan is scheduled to leave Morgantown on Sunday, December 8th.
You must have a passport to attend. If you would like to go on this trip: CLICK HERE 

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