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‘100 breweries in 100 days Tour’ makes stop in Princeton

PRINCETON, WV (WVVA) — Oregon native Neil Gregory Johnson is touring the country performing his music – but it’s no ordinary tour.

He’s set to play at 100 different breweries — in 100 days.

“For Thanksgiving we’ll be in Morehead City, North Carolina,” Johnson says. “Then we’ll be down in Florida for Christmas. We’ll go to Disney World and all that. We’re traveling around seeing the sights — we got to see Mount Rushmore and New York City… We saw the Statue of Liberty and all the Ellis Island… then we went to D.C. and saw all the stuff there — all the memorials in the White House and the Capital — and I’ve been playing music every night just about.”

Johnson traveled from Oregon in an RV with his wife and kids, making the Sophisticated Hound Brewing Company his 37th stop.

If that sounds crazy… Johnson can explain “why?” best.

“I like beer, number one. I like playing music, number two. And I like playing music in breweries because people are usually nice and kind hearted,” he explained.

And while traveling to a new city every day seems stressful, Johnson says the people he’s met make it all worth it.

“So far, [at] every stop on the way, people treated me like gold,” he says, “Couldn’t ask for anything more, really.”

Johnson’s next stop is in Kingsport, Tennessee.

You can follow the entire tour on Johnson’s Youtube Channel, and his music can be found on Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music.

Jade Burks

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