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Raleigh County Head Start practices ‘Alice’ active shooter drill

BECKLEY, W.Va. (WVVA)- In the wake of the most recent high school shooting that took place in Santa Clarita, California, here at home in the mountain state there are several schools taking measures to keep their students safe if a shooting or other dangerous situation happens.

One safety measure Raleigh County Head Start and some public schools are putting into action is called: “The Alice Program.

“They went through the Alice acronym, alert, lock-down, inform, counter, and evacuate,”  Alice Trainer, Jonathan Harbison explained.

“It’s like fight or flight, you want to fight, and get as many people out of there as you can,” Head Start Teacher, Sarah Bender said.

The goal is to minimize access a shooter has to people or even the facility during the drill, instincts kicked in and those who participated in the training reacted to their situation.

“When he opened the door it was my response to fight and I started throwing everything around me. Stuffed animals, books even though we were supposed to it was anything I could think of out the door at him,” Bender described.

“In case of an active shooter situation or anything like this, order goes out the window. It’s better to have 50 or 75 kids running around Beckley safely then to have those children lying on the floor as victims,” Harbison said.

Harbison added if you see something suspicious don’t ignore it.

“You never know what you alerting someone else can do. It could save their life, or from a potential threat. Also if you know that there’s a threat going on you should alert others that are around you as well because if their not informed and they come into a facility they can put themselves in danger as well,” he said.


Star Connor

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