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Veterans supporting Veterans, Fallen Warriors Motorcycle Organization

TAZEWELL COUNTY, V.a. (WVVA)- Fallen Warriors is a motorcycle organization made up veterans supporting men and women who’ve served.

The group is encouraging all residents to remember a veteran seven days a week, because that man or woman could be in need of your help.

Fallen Warriors is dedicated to paying respect to fallen Veterans by escort, education and ceremonial presentations, as a salute to all Veterans.

Their mission includes helping veterans trying to overcome a prevalent issue across the country, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Fallen Warriors works with sponsors to provide PTSD Service Dogs for Veterans, while connecting them with an organization that can provide additional support.

“Not all scars are seen,” said Alfred Wicks, President of Fallen Warriors.

Wicks served in the Iraq War and says coming back home was a challenge.

“They teach you to go to war but not how to deal with the effects,” said Wicks. “A lot of folks bring demons back [home] with them and it affects their families.”

“About all veterans deal with some form of PTSD,” said Earnest Lowe, a member of Fallen Warriors that also served in Iraq. “It’s really hard for a family member to communicate with a veteran because they don’t know what they’ve been through.”

“I’ve had five friends commit suicide dealing with PTSD,” said Wicks. “It helps us, Fallen Warriors, to help others.”

“Get them with someone that knows what they’ve been through, a veterans organization,” said Lowe.

The group has created a traveling memorial wall, showing the names of veterans that have served and passed on, representing 14 counties across Southwest Virginia, including Mercer County.

For more information about Fallen Warriors, contact Wicks via email at or the group’s Facebook page.

Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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