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‘Mondays with Morrisey:’ computer scams

There are scams involving software to clean up viruses. West Virginia’s Attorney General Patrick Morrisey explains.

“Computer viruses really can be the bane of our existence. we’ve heard of scams where individuals may get calls at their homes, and they may say that if you don’t act quickly and allow them to access your computer that you’re going to have a big problem with viruses,” said Morrisey.

“We urge a lot of caution in this area. whether you’re getting a phone call or whether you have an online message suggesting that someone needs to take over your computer to fix the virus, be on guard. we’re also aware that some of the security systems that you have, people try to mimic them and sell something online that looks just like the normal security system you have,” said Morrisey.

“You ought to be cautious in these situations. here are a couple of tips. one, under no circumstances give your personal, identifiable information to people you don’t know. two, call our helpline. and three, don’t follow a command of someone you don’t know,” said Morrisey.

Melinda Zosh

Evening Anchor

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