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Bluefield, VA to propose becoming a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’

BLUEFIELD, VA (WVVA) — Virginia’s 2019 General Election left the Democratic party in control of the House and the Senate.

Soon after, officials began their plan to enforce stricter gun laws.

As a result, counties across the Commonwealth are proposing to become ‘Second Amendment Sanctuaries.’

Bluefield, Virginia is following suit.

“Our goal is to protect the rights of our citizens,” said Councilmember Jarrod Bailey, “To abide by the United States Constitution, and to try to protect [them] from the unfair things that are being presented in Richmond.”

Passing the resolution would mean the Town would not accept any gun control measures that it feels are unconstitutional.

It would also mean those laws would not be enforced by police.

Tazewell County is proposing a similar resolution, but officials in Bluefield say they want to pass their own — to make sure their residents are protected.

“I think we’re the first Town and County to jump on it,” Councilman Chuck Presley said, “I think it just shows, especially to our Eastern District rep, ‘This is what the people in our part of the County want. You need to represent us.’ Even if they’re not for it on that part, this is what Bluefield, Virginia wants, and if they don’t do it, we’ll just do it.'”

“We are very excited that the County has joined with us,” Bailey said. “That just means more support for all of our residents. Since we’ve already got this in motion, an extra layer of support for the residents of Bluefield, we feel, is a good measure.”

Giles County passed a similar measure last Thursday.

The first draft of Bluefield, Virginia’s resolution will be presented during the Council’s meeting — Tuesday at 7:30 P.M.

Tazewell County will vote on its resolution on December 3rd, and Bluefield will vote on its version December 10th.

WVVA will continue to provide updates as this story develops.


Jade Burks

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