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Designer of Blenko Glass shares how a limited edition Christmas vase is apart of West Virginia History

BECKLEY, W. Va. (WVVA)- Tamarack is offering a deal you can’t resist, the top tourism shop released their first-ever exclusive Blenko Christmas ruby red Christmas vase.

There’s only 100 of them and after that their will be no more.

“We made this holiday vase, it’s an appropriate color for the holidays, but also for year around use for stems,” Andrew Shaffer a Designer at Blenko Glass said.

Shaffer has been designing glass for more than 15 years, and claims that adding a piece like this to your collection is special.

“It is part of our history here in West Virginia. There were up to 470 glass factories over the past 200 years in West Virginia, now we’re one of the remaining. You’re actually purchasing a piece of history literally in the making but that’s for West Virginia, and american glass in general,” Shaffer explained.

Blenko was founded back in 1893, by John Blenko. Shaffer said the color red plays a significant role within the company.

“The first name of Blenko Glass was actually Eureka Glass because red being the most difficult color to make once he hit that founded ‘Eureka’ so it’s a very important color in Blenko’s foundation.”

So if your looking to add a bit of the mountain state history inside of your home, this would make an exceptional Christmas gift.

Star Connor

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