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UPDATE: Jury returns guilty verdict- Lerona murder

MERCER COUNTY, W.Va.(WVVA)- It took a jury less than one hour to return a unanimous guilty verdict against Roena Mills for First Degree Murder.

Mills has received no mercy with that verdict, which means no eligibility for parole.

The case was tried by Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler and Assistant Prosecutor David Pfeifer.

Sitler says he's pleased with the verdict.

"This was a horrible killing, a mutilated body with a head that was severed during a probable drug transaction," said Sitler.

Mills is scheduled for a sentencing hearing on January 6.

MERCER COUNTY, W.Va.(WVVA)- The trial for a woman facing First Degree Murder continues, with testimony from the victim's father.

Roena Mills is accused of killing 29-year-old Bo Allen White.

On April 1, 2018, White's body was discovered inside of his house, decapitated.

Mills was later located near the residence and taken into custody by Mercer County deputies.

Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler called the victim's father to testify, James White, who is believed to have been dating Mills.

James stated he discovered what appeared to be a person lying on the floor inside of the house and believed the body to be his son, saying he called out his son's name but the person didn't respond. James later said he thought it could of been an 'April Fools' joke because of the date the discovery took place.

Sitler questioned James about not immediately telling deputies he discovered the body. James stated he later told deputies about discovering the body during a second interview.

"Were you involved in the death of your son?" asked Sitler.

James responded, "No."

'Were you involved in a situation you believe resulted in his death?" asked Sitler.

James responded, "No."

James testified about receiving text messages from Mills, stating one of the messages to have said, "I'm not sorry."

Deputy Logan and the attorneys confirmed, cell phones for James and Mills have not been located. Logan says his team formed a search party to locate the phones but they weren't found.

Mills' defense attorney's questioned James about the possibility of Mills and his son being involved in a relationship. James said, "she was not sleeping with my son, to my knowledge."

The trial proceeded with Sitler presenting gloves to the courtroom, stating one glove was discovered at the crime scene and the matching glove was on Mills.

Sitler displayed pictures of the crime scene to the jury, including the front door of the house and the entrance to the residence. Deputy Logan testified throughout the presentation, identifying blood seen in some of the pictures.

Testimony continued with Rebecca Bailey, who stated she'd known Mills for about 10 years. Bailey said, Mills called her wanting to speak to a gentleman name Pat, later identified as Bailey's boyfriend.

Bailey testified Mills told her 'it was the end of the world' and 'needed to talk to Pat''' and 'it would be the last time they'd ever hear from her.'

According to Bailey, Mills seemed 'stressed out' and persistent in talking to Pat.

Testimony will continue on Thursday, December 5. Stay with WVVA for additional updates.

Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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