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Mercer County Holds Narcan Training

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Everyone knows the holidays can be a stressful time, this thought is even backed up by the National Library of Medicine and the CDC.

The emotional strains of the season can take a toll. That why South Central Educational Development in Bluefield, West Virginia hosted a two hour workshop on opioid overdoses and the use of Narcan, which could save someone's life.

"We have a horrible opioid problem in Southern West Virginia, as well as Virginia. So the more people we have respond to opioid overdoses it's better for our community," Darryl Cannady, Executive Director, of South Central Educational Development said.

"Mercer county is number two in the country for overdose deaths per 100,000 so this is just a real bad area in general, and for opioid addiction," Greg Kane, a Family Medicine Doctor at BRMC revealed.

South Central Educational Development is introducing the Revive Program. They're training people how to use a nasal spray called Narcan, which helps reverse the effects of an overdose.

"Our goal is to expand the program to train more people to become trainers so that they can go out into their community and provide training," Cannady said.

"So if you have friends and loved ones that are addicts and you care for them and love them how can this not be important. This could possible save their life and people have gone into long term recovery and have gone on to live successful lives and they never would have done that if they had "OD" and died," Kane said.

"Southern West Virginia is my home, I live here, I like the people here and I think that the more resources we can put into the community, the better the community will be," Cannady said.

The organization hopes to reach more counties within Southern West Virginia by next spring.

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