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Settlement reached between Raleigh Heart Clinic patients and Cardinal Health

A settlement was reached Friday for nearly a hundred patients who say they contracted Hepatitis from the Raleigh Heart Clinic in Beckley.

The agreement was reached between the patients and the maker of the internal medicine used to dispense medication at the clinic, Cardinal Health, in front of a Mass Litigation Panel in Charleston.

As part of the agreement, the dollar amount was kept confidential.

A separate confidential settlement was reached between patients and the clinic's physician, Dr. Thair Barghouthi, on August 2, 2019.

"Anything that we can do to improve the quality of health care for people in West Virginia is a win. And we certainly hope it impacts the quality of care for patients in the future," said an attorney for the patients, Amanda Taylor with the law offices of Stephen New.

At the settlement hearing for Dr. Barghouthi in August, New said “no amount of money can compensate them for what they’ve been through, the people who have been harmed or passed away. But we’ve done everything we can do in the court system with Dr. Barghouthi."

In August, New said some of his clients have passed away from complications of Hepatitis since the outbreak was first discovered by West Virginia health workers in 2015.

Annie Moore

Multimedia Journalist

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