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Dry and pleasant throughout the remainder of the weekend. Widespread rain returns Monday

Today we had temperatures in the 40s for the area but as we head into the overnight hours temperatures will dip into the 30s and upper 20s. A few areas could wake up to patchy frost tomorrow morning as mostly clear skies will dominate. Keep in mind that winds will pick up in speed tonight, so frost development may not occur for some. Winds will be directed from the southeast at 5-10 mph but gusts will be around 10-15.

Tomorrow, winds will increase more and gusts could be around 20-25 mph. Clouds will also increase throughout the day. Temperatures should be a degree or two warmer than today. Still dry throughout tomorrow, but rain will quickly glide in late overnight Sunday into Monday morning. Expect heavy downpours at some times. Most of the viewing area at this point will see showers Monday and Tuesday.

Tuesday, cold air will build behind the cold front and allow the rain to transition to snow/mixing. The cold front arrives Tuesday morning which means high temperatures will be spotted in the morning. Temperatures will continue to fall throughout the day on Tuesday.

Precipitation chances are little to none on Wednesday and Thursday. Colder temperatures will be present though for those days.

Catherine Maxwell

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