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DNR, Glade Springs Security rescue deer stuck to Trick-or-Treat pumpkin

DANIELS, W.Va. (WVVA) A six-day search and rescue mission in Raleigh County saves a little deer from starvation.

According to a Facebook post by the Division of Natural Resources (DNR), the little buck was first spotted by Glade Springs Dir. of Security, Greg Duckworth, with its head trapped in a Halloween pumpkin.

Duckworth then contacted the DNR, which brought in a team of biologists to begin a six-day search and rescue mission. Assisted by Glade Springs Security, the post said the team was able to eventually corral the deer into a safe area where he was darted and the bucket was removed.

Other than displaying signs of a lack of food and water, the post said the buck did not appear to be in any danger.

As with all animals that the Biologists tranquilize, it said the deer was tagged and all the vital statistics were recorded.

"We would like to give a special thanks to our Wildlife Guys and Gal that went above and beyond to release this little guy from eventual starvation," the post read.

Annie Moore

Multimedia Journalist

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