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Hometown Hero: Nancy Reid

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Just walk around Nancy Reid's home and you can feel her late husband in the very tapestry.

Mostly through the wood carvings that don the the walls and the Christmas decorations that have been in the family for well over five decades.

Both natives of Welch the couple moved to Princeton in their later years.

"My husband was disabled and we were going practically every day from welch to here to go to the doctor so we just moved up here," said Nancy.

Eight years ago when her husband passed, Nancy knew she needed something to get her going.

"After my husband died I was extremely lonely. I've always been alone and loved it but this was new loneliness."

She entered the adult care provider profession taking care of physically and mentally impaired adults taking them to errands and appointments they couldn't normally get to on their own.

"These people sometimes have been abused. They may be slightly mental they can do for themselves," said Nancy.

"These girls are not disabled they can take care of themselves."

She says they do as much for her as she for them.

"With that new level of loneliness and not being able to cope with it. My husband would always sit in the chair and I would be out doing things. So we ignored each other all day but we knew each other was here and now I have these ladies and they do their own thing but they know I'm here."

In the process she's received a new purpose .

"You don't' need to sit. It makes you aware that you need to get up. You need to this for them. You need to do that and with God's grace I do it."

With god's grace she has newfound friends.

"God is everything. If it wasn't for him we couldn't have been brought together. If it wasn't for him there wouldn't be no program."

It is opening her heart and home to others that makes Nancy Reid a Hometown Hero.

Joshua Bolden

WVVA Today & WVVA @ Noon Anchor

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