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Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney files to run again

BECKLEY, WVa. (WVVA) Raleigh County's Prosecuting Attorney files to run for four more years.

Kristen Keller has worked in the Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney's office since 1983. First elected as the Prosecuting Attorney in 2008, her coworkers say she has not lost a single trial in 30 years -- including winning several high-profile murder cases in front of a jury.

To this day, she said she still works to protect life sentences for many of the murderers she has helped convict as they go through the appeals process.

In the upcoming year, her goals include speeding up access to justice through the hiring of new employees and continuing to deliver justice for the hundreds of people who are affected by crime each year.

In an interview with WVVA News on Monday, Keller said it is the victims that drive her to work hard every day.

"Once you meet crime victims, you empathize with the pain of losing a loved one, or having a child sexually assaulted, or having ones home invaded or burglarized -- that empathy is what drives me."

Keller does have a challenger in the race for prosecuting attorney. Former Assistant Prosecutor Ben Hatfield and Farmer, Cline, and Campbell attorney Ben Hatfield also filed to run in the race on Monday.

Annie Moore

Multimedia Journalist

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