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Locals from Tazewell attend rally in Richmond

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Massive crowds of Second Amendment supporters flooded Virginia's Capitol for a gun rights rally.

Any Virginians from the southwest corner of the Commonwealth were there, including one family from Tazewell.

"I don't think they were prepared for the amount of people showing up," Tamara Neo, a rally attendee said.

The rally dominated lobby day, an annual event at the Capitol complex in Richmond. Second-Amendment supporters hope to convince the Democrats in the majority in the general assembly to drop a push for in depth gun control in Virginia.

"We've done lobbying for the last hour in the half, and we felt like things were good, extremely positive and good atmosphere. This is a good place to be in a good moment of time," Neo said.

Neo's goal was to speak with as many legislators as she could. She reports mixed feedback.

"A lot of the legislators had already gone into meetings, so they had sign in books. So they want you to sign in and leave a message as to why you wanted to come by. We got to see several of them, but the one that disappointed me the most was Creigh Deeds I went up to his desk and was told because I'm not in his district he would not be able to talk to me. That was the only time that happened. We stopped with several Democrats and with people that are sort of on the line to express because those are the people we want on our side. All of them said they were happy to have us even if I wasn't in their district," Neo said.

Only time will tell if Neo and others fighting gun control measures were successful, but this Tazewell attendee said her trip to the the rally wasn't a waste of time.

"I haven't seen any cons out of this. I've seen a lot of pros, we're not alone in this. Even one of the Delegates that I talked to asked, what are you doing in Tazewell County in terms of an organization. We're not alone in Tazewell County. It's happening all across the state and it's happening just like it's happening with us just individual people stepping up saying 'hey I know how to organize this," she said.

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