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Vote to bring recreational marijuana measure out of committee fails in W.Va. House of Delegates

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WVVA) Lawmakers in Charleston voted Thursday to discharge an amendment from committee that would legalize recreational marijuana.

Specifically, the bill would allow its use for users over the age of 21 and decriminalize the possession of small amounts.

After a vote by lawmakers that would keep the amendment in committee, Raleigh County Del. Mick Bates, (D) 30th Dist., asked the full floor vote to consider the measure.

"Public opinion and legislative action on this issue has moved quickly. Since my last pot speech, it's no longer for West Coast liberals and frozen canucks above the Northern Border. It has marched East and it has marched South."

Not everyone agreed, especially Morgan County Del. Daryl Cowles, (R) 58th Dist., who took to the floor to voice his opposition.

"If you think legal marijuana is an economic solution, you are mislead."

The vote to discharge the bill from committee and be considered by the full House of Delegates failed.

Annie Moore

Multimedia Journalist

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