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Woman charged with Animal Cruelty a no show to court hearing and arrested once again

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"It's lies! Everything is lies," Crystal Copley yelled after being arrested once again, this time for missing her first court date after being charged for one count of animal cruelty.

"After being called three times, Ms. Copley was not present. Her attorney was present, and the prosecutor was present. A motion was made that we issue a bench warrant for Ms. Copley's arrest," Magistrate Richard VanDyke of McDowell County said.

After that warrant was issued, McDowell County Sheriff's Department returned back to Copley's home to arrest her.

Animal activists and witnesses did appear for Copley's hearing. Kathryn Taylor claimed this isn't the first time Copley has drowned puppies. Taylor claimed that Copley admitted to killing another litter back in 2018.

"It was just her telling us that she did. She had drowned 14 of her puppies and still had one. We took the litter of five home and bottle feed them and then about two weeks later we got seven more puppies out of another litter and bottle feed them," Taylor revealed.

So far the rescued mother and her pups that were saved are recovering and they are named after musical icons.

"We have one girl, her name is Aretha. The other three are males. We have Elton John, Prince, and CeeLo Green," Fpster mom of the Emily, and her pups, Sandy Flanagan said.

Flanagan hopes that stories like this encourages others to foster.

"Now that the media has started to cover all of these stories, I think people are now getting angry. Instead of turning their heads they are making phone calls and saying: 'hey this is happening here.' This will create the need for more fosters," Flanagan said.

Karen Mays has been keeping up with the case from the beginning and said she hopes people become more aware of animal cruelty and its consequences.

"In McDowell County especially we have a lack of resources here. I think this will make more people aware of what's going on in the county, and maybe pull some resources here," Mays said.

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