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Probable cause found in murder of Mercer Co. man; three suspects face grand jury

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Mercer County, W. Va.- These three men, Deron Yarrell, Deliezha Gravely, and Kaleb Merritt are alleged to be apart of the Dirty Money Gang. Police believe they conspired to murder Edward Duck, III in order to steal more than a pound of methamphetamine in December.

They're facing charges including conspiracy, armed robbery, and 1st degree murder. Detective Matthew Horn testified in the probable cause hearing for the suspects.

"Did the statements of both the confidential informant, and co-defendant, Andrea Fry indicate that Mr. Merritt apart of this criminal enterprise apart of this attempt to rob somebody resulted in a fatal shooting," Prosecuting Attorney, George Sitler asked.

"Both of them (confidential informant, and co defendant, Andrea Fry) put all parties involved, Andrea Fry, Kaleb Merritt, Deron Yarrell, and Deliezha Gravely going into the residence. They went into the back door to rob Mr. Duck and ultimately Mr. Duck was shot," Mercer County Sheriff's Department Detective Matthew Horn said.

Each defendant had their own lawyer and every defense attorney found conflicts with horn's confidential informant.

"This is a serious crime, Mr. Yarrell has been denied bond completely because the prosecutor's office said that he was out of state, a member of a gang, and they are arguing this with no evidence. Your honor my arguments are that the information that he's providing isn't admissible under West Virginia rules and criminal procedure and West Virginia rules of evidence," Yarrell's Lawyer, Josh Lawson said.

"Your honor we ask that you do not bound this case over for a murder. It's just not there your honor. All that we have is second and third hearsay and we've got two sets of footprints going in the house," Gravely's Lawyer, Derrick Lefler said.

"The fact that Mr. Merritt may have the same firearm and ammunition from the same manufacturer is not evidence of anything that state choose what to present here and they failed miserably in probable cause and I would ask that the charges against Mr. Merritt be dropped," Merritt's Lawyer, Joe Harvey said.

Despite arguments from the defense counsels, the judge found enough probable cause to move each case forward. All three cases will be presented to the grand jury in June.

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