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Beckley VA Medical Center patients name doctor in complaints to W.Va. osteopathic board

BECKLEY, W.Va. (WVVA) "Procedures that patients say went too far." Those are the claims being made by 14 patients of a former doctor at the Beckley VA Medical Center to the West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine.

"A number of my clients were concerned about Dr. Yates ability to continue practicing medicine. So on behalf of 14 of my clients, we filed complaints with the Board of Osteopathic Medicine. Those brave clients say they'll testify and go through the public process to make sure Dr. Yates never practices again."

While federal investigators have not identified Dr. Jonathan Yates as the doctor at the center of their investigation, the 14 veteran patients who filed complaints did name the doctor.

New represents 37 of the doctor's patients at the Beckley VA Medical Center, but only 14 were willing to go through the public process.

"Fourteen decided that making the complaint would be worth it even if they had to sacrifice their privacy and talk about really private details about what happened to them."

New is alarmed over the growing number of clients in the case; his roster now at 37.

"You hear a few clients come forward and you hope that's it because of the amount of damage. But clients keep coming forward and it was really prevalent unfortunately that so many veterans were done this way at the VA hospital."

As for the federal investigation, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District Mike Stuart told WVVA News late Wednesday 'our work continues.'

According to paperwork filed with the West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Yates will be given the opportunity to respond after the board conducts a 60 day investigation.

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