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Little Beaver State Park transfer facing uphill battle in House

BEAVER, W.Va. (WVVA) An attempt by some Raleigh County leaders to take over Little Beaver State Park from state control may face an uphill battle in the House of Delegates.

The transfer or property from the State of West Virginia to Raleigh County will require the passage of a bill in both the House and Senate, and a signature by Gov. Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia.

While a bill to initiate that transfer was introduced in the Senate, the measure may not have the votes to pass in the House of Delegates.

Some lawmakers, including Raleigh County Del. Jeff Pack, (R) West Virginia, have come out against the idea.

"I have only heard responses from constituents who are not in favor...not one has said they support this. I don't think this is something they have any interest in."

In the past, Raleigh County commissioners have expressed an interest in turning the park into a set-up similar to Lake Stephens with inflatables and a new beach.

Annie Moore

Multimedia Journalist

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