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UPDATE: Waiting for DOH updates about timeline for Ingleside Road

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MERCER COUNTY, W.Va.(WVVA)- As we continue to wait for a response from the District 10 Headquarters, about the construction timeline for Ingleside Road, residents living in the area are speaking up about their 'mudslide woes.'

At WVVA, our slogan is 'Here For You' and that's what we'll continue to do, to ensure your voice is heard. And for many residents living in this community, they're asking our news team to hand them over the 'Here For You' mic, in the hopes their road will be fixed.

Part one of this week's story is with Ronnie Combs. He's been living off Ingleside Road for nearly 30 years. Watch the video above to hear his thoughts about the 'annual mudslide' and wanting the Governor's help with getting the road fixed.


Residents fed up with ‘annual’ mudslide on Ingleside Road’


Doris Smith lives on Ingleside Road. Smith tells WVVA, she's tired of the mudslide "deja vu" and wants the Governor's 'Roads to Prosperity' projects to hit her road.

"Governor Jim Justice says he's [all about] fixing our roads," said Smith. "Then why is he working on the Bridge to Nowhere [Christine West Bridge] when our [local] roads are failing."

Some commuters passing through the area agree with Smith.

"The roads are pretty bad [over] here," said Gwen Scott, Mercer County resident. "I hope they fix [these roads] sooner than later."

The big concern many residents are expressing to our news team, safety. Specifically, wanting more information from the DOH about the condition of the mountain and what repairs need to be done to keep future mudslides from occurring again.

MERCER COUNTY, W.Va.(WVVA)- Two mudslides hit the same road in less than a year near the Ada community and residents are telling WVVA, "enough is enough."

The most recent mudslide occurred on February 6, after heavy rains hit the mountain area, almost a year from another mudslide that happened on the same terrain in February 2019.

The West Virginia Division of Highways has placed signage along Route 112/Ingleside Road and Country Girl Road, stating both roads are closed, limiting access to only local traffic.

Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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