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Princeton native’s film now streaming on Netflix

Princeton native Kevin Sizemore stopped by WVVA @ Noon to chat with Joshua Bolden about the release of the film 'Mine 9' on Netflix.

Sizemore stars as Daniel in the film about miners who become trapped after an explosion and are looking for a way to survive.

Watch Kevin's interview with our Joshua Bolden (aired 4/10/19)

"Coal miners are our heroes who keep things moving forward," said Sizemore

The film has reached the 'popular list' on the streaming service.

Sizemore tells WVVA that 'Mine 9' also showcases the importance of what our miners do every day.

"They're risking their lives to make sure we have the necessities," said Sizemore.

He says the film will not only entertain but make viewers think about their daily lives.

"A lot of people go home and flick on that light switch and they don't realize where that comes from--a lot of that's coming from our coal miners who risk their life."

Click here to watch Mine 9 on Netflix (subscription or trial required)

Mine 9 isn't the only project where the star is involved. He says in a few days he and Princeton's Dreama Denver are set to make an special announcement about children's book, 'Four Bears in a Box.'

The book was written by the actress and author and inspired by her husband, Bob Denver of Gilligan's Island.

Find out more about Four Bears in a Box by clicking here.

Joshua Bolden

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