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Virtual tours could be your way of travel amid Coronavirus quarantine

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With stay-at-home orders still in place across the two Virginias, many have had to postpone trips and vacations. But as you balance your new normal there are some unique options to travel virtually through you laptops at home.

"The virtual tour is a fantastic opportunity for people to research, watch that dream. It might be somewhere they've never been before, it might be somewhere they want to go. That's the best way to check out a destination and listen to the professional guide talking about all the awesome things that you can see and do and put that on your bucket list," Travel Advisor for AAA Club Alliance Inc., Melissa Norris said.

Not only is AAA providing virtual tours, you too can take a trip through Virginia, and West Virginia.

"You can go to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, and you can take a virtual tour of their exhibits. You can go to George Washington's Mount Vernon, you can explore the Virginia Zoo and get live webcams of animals hanging out there but there's a lot of opportunities in Virginia like that," Communications Manager for the Virginia Tourism Corporation, Andrew Cothern said.

The tours are welcome to any age, and could not only boost at home lessons for children, but for adults as well.

"It can really be a great learning experience even for adults. Not everybody knows where every place is in the world. It's truly relaxing and a great opportunity just to break away and watch and see those destinations because it's not always just a dream, you can actually go," Norris explained.

"A lot of these places are offering educational opportunities so you can learn while you're exploring, that's really great for kids who are stuck at home and for the parents who have to teach them. So there's a lot of great things these virtual tours can offer them," Cothern said.

To start your virtual travel and see the world through for free with AAA: CLICK HERE

The next tour for AAA will be held on April 29th at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

For virtual tours in West Virginia: CLICK HERE

For virtual tours in Virginia: CLICK HERE

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