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Wesley Armstead, News Director

Wesley Curtis Armstead joined the WVVA News team in October, 2019  as News Director.

He was born in the capital city of Charleston, West Virginia.

Wesley attended West Virginia State College after graduating from Charleston High School.

Wesley also served in the U.S. Navy, and he worked at multiple TV stations in West Virginia including: WSAZ as a floor camera operator, WVAH as the film editor , WRLH in Richmond, Virginia as the film editor. Wesley then returned to West Virginia to work as a videographer at WCHS in Charleston.

Wesley then worked at WOWK as a videographer. Wesley then returned to WCHS as a videographer and continued to work there and was promoted to night assignment editor. Then, he moved to the assignment manager position. Wesley capped his career at WCHS as the managing editor before coming to WVVA.

Wesley enjoys golfing and has spent many hours performing with Charleston Light Opera guild with a variety of on stage roles.

Wesley also has a passion for singing gospel and has performed with many choirs, including the Martin Luther King male chorus.

Wesley is a father of two children, a daughter and son. Right now, Wesley has kinship custody of his toddler granddaughter. Wesley Has been married to his wife Shirley for the past 25 years.

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